7 Common Myths About Drinking Milk

7 Common Myths About Drinking Milk

Milk consumption is definitely a healthy and beneficial habit. But there have been several myths which exaggerate the benefits of consuming milk and at times become the reason for your health becoming hampered. Read further to know the reality behind a few such myths.


7 Myths About Drinking Milk


1.It Makes Your Bones Stronger


Though milk is proven to be good for you, it making your bones stronger if consumed on a regular basis is still a myth. Studies have shown that despite the high consumption of milk countries like the US have a higher rate of patients who have osteoporosis while comparing to countries like Japan which do not consume much milk. Milk might be healthy in several ways but it is not going to protect your bone against fractures.


2.Milk Is The Best Source Of Calcium


Yes, milk has a lot of calcium content but it is for sure not the richest source of calcium and definitely not the best source as well. Finger millets, red kidney beans, soybeans and sesame seeds are certain food products that have a higher calcium content while in comparison to milk.


7 Myths About Drinking Milk

3.Milk Is A Complete Food


Milk has a vibrant composition which includes vitamin A, vitamin B12, calcium, protein, riboflavin, zinc, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. But it still lacks a few vital nutrients including vitamin C and iron. Consuming milk is definitely good but substituting it for regular food can cause iron deficiency in the worst case. Milk can be a part of a balanced diet but cannot be a substitute for other food products.


4.A Glass Of Milk Can Be Had For Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day considering the fact that it is consumed after a huge gap of eight to ten hours from your last meal. Hence your breakfast should be a combination of essential carbs, protein and fat. A glass of milk with your breakfast is good it cannot be the only breakfast you have.


7 Myths About Drinking Milk

5.Milk Is Important For Everyone


Milk can be considered essential until the age of 12 as part of your wholesome diet. But consuming milk after that can simply become optional since we start eating several other foods that can easily compensate for what milk provides us. Too much milk is also not good for you. Studies show that fully grown adults should not consume more than two glasses of milk every day.


6.Drinking Milk Is Good For Your Skin


Having a lot of water content, milk can help in hydrating your skin. But this can be compensated by other means as well. Adulterated milk causes several skin problems including acne outburst. At times the excess oxytocin present in cow’s milk can be a reason for other health problems as well.


7 Myths About Drinking Milk

7.Infants Should Also Be Given Milk


Infants can receive all their body’s requirement from mother’s milk or formula milk. Consumption of cow’s milk on a regular basis before the age of one can cause autoimmune disorder or even type – 1 diabetes in a person later.


7 Myths About Drinking Milk

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