7 Causes of Bad Breath

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath has always been a problem and is common in people of all age groups. Statistics say two out of every 10 individuals suffer from bad breath. The fact remains that this problem can be prevented easily, if the proper cause is identified. Read further to know the most common causes of bad breath.


1. Food

Food: Garlic and onion are foods that have a strong odor that can stay for a longer time. At times, the odor can linger as long as the food gets processed through your body. Alcohol and coffee can cause dehydration by increasing your body’s acidity. Dehydration leads to dry mouth, in turn causing odor.


2. Poor Oral Care

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Poor Oral Care: Improper brushing techniques lead to food settling in the gap between your teeth. This causes plaque development which is the favorite food for bacteria. These bacteria release a sulfur-smelling compound which causes awful bad breath.


3. Tongue (or Mouth) Piercings

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Tongue (or Mouth) Piercings: Research shows that higher cases of Candida albicans (yeast) infections are reported in people with tongue or mouth piercings. Candida albicans can cause noxious bad breath. Tongue piercing might be cool, but you will have to take proper sterilizing measures on a regular basis to keep it free from infection.


4. Smoking

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Smoking: Smokers usually reek of tobacco and other chemicals in the cigarette. Other than this, smoking also has long-term effects. Chain smoking reduces the salivary flow in your mouth causing dry mouth and bad breath in turn. This situation is usually termed as “smokers’ breath”.


5. Health Problems

7 Causes of Bad Breath

More Serious Health Problems: Apart from this, bad breath can also be a result of serious health conditions including diabetes, liver or kidney disorders, chronic acid refluxes etc. These conditions and at times, the treatment taken for these conditions can destabilize your body’s natural balance. Bad breath is one of the several side effects these disorders might bring.


6. Uncleaned Dentures or Dental Appliances

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Uncleaned Dentures or Dental Appliances: Dental Prosthesis, Dentures, Braces and other similar dental appliances can become a cause of yeast infection and mold in your teeth. Make sure to follow the regular and proper procedures advised by your dentist to keep these appliances clean.


7. Congestion or Sinus Problems

7 Causes of Bad Breath

Congestion or Sinus Problems: Infection or illness in any part of your nasal area can cause bad breath. These infections become a breeding ground for bacteria causing adverse effects. Use proper mouth flosses and cleansers to keep your mouth free of germs and bacteria.


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