7 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now

7 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now


Nail Biting: Nail biting is usually a sign of anxiousness or nervousness. This causes unnecessary germ entry into your body.


Binge Drinking: Binge drinking might be fun at the moment of fun. It causes short term problems like dizziness & fatigue,  long term problems like weight gain & liver damage. When it comes to drinking, knowing your limitations is key.

I am so ‘Lonely.’: Your mental health is to be given as much attention as your physical health. If you are not able to accept social changes and feel lonely or depressed, it is not something that should go unattended. It is never too late to speak about this with others or with an expert in the worst case.


Sleeping with Makeup: Sleeping with your makeup on can create grave damage to your skin. When it stays on too long; it creates irritation, clogged pores, congested skin & severe spotting on your skin. Leaving your mascara on for a long time can even cause vision loss in the long term.


Skipping Breakfast: Having very little breakfast or skipping it altogether damages your metabolism in the long term. Skipping your breakfast leads to unnecessary or unhealthy snacking later, which causes weight gain. A healthy breakfast is a primary supply of energy for your body. Skipping breakfast causes you to be tired and weak the entire day.


Wearing Headphones for Long Hours: Using your headphones for a long time causes damage to your eardrums. The problem is not the headphones as a whole but our mentality to listen to songs with a high volume for an extended period. Using your headphones on occasions like driving or while you are working out does not create a problem.


Nose/Mouth Picking: This is a silly habit that we usually do not appreciate but are used to turning a blind eye to it. The fact is that, it does not only look bad but is also unhygienic. This can be the cause of several bodily ailments including cold, which infect your body through your mucus.


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