6 Worst Foods For Your Heart

6 Worst Foods For Your Heart

The food we eat plays a vital role in making or breaking our health. By eating the right food, we can prevent several health problems. Following a healthy diet can reduce the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart problems.

We have put together a list of foods that should be avoided if you are looking to keep your heart healthy and prevent the risk of heart diseases.


1. Potato and Corn Chips


Potatoes and corn chips have an abundant supply of sodium, carbs and trans-fats. If consumed in high quantities, this can become a risk factor for your heart. Studies have shown that one out of ten deaths related to cardiovascular issues happens as a result of consuming more than 200mg of sodium in a day. Rich in saturated fat, consuming too many chips can expand your abdomen. Chips are also rich in salt, which can be a triggering factor for a number of heart-related ailments.

2. Energy Drinks


Energy drinks contain a lot of taurine and guarana, which act as natural energy boosters. When added to caffeine, these ingredients can create racing heartbeats. Energy drinks usually contain a high caffeine content. This can even result in arrhythmia in some patients.

3. Soda


Consuming soda on a regular basis can result in inflammation and increase the level of sugar in your blood. This creates a lot of pressure on the artery walls of your heart, making a person more prone to heart diseases. Consuming an excess amount of soda can be fatal for your overall health.

4. Blended Coffee


Blended coffee has a high saturation of fats and calories. They are also overloaded with sugar, hence they heighten your blood sugar levels. They also have high caffeine content, which can raise your blood pressure, making it unhealthy for patients who have diabetes or existing heart conditions.

5. Deep-Fried Chicken


Fried food are by default very bad for your cholesterol levels since they have a lot of trans fat. They are very bad for your waistline and also your heart. The hot oil they are cooked in alters the structure of oxidants and vitamins in the food, creating a lot of antioxidants that damage cells. They bring a lot of antioxidants into our system, which can affect the working of our body’s natural oxidants.

6. Margarine


Margarine is a type of processed food that is considered an alternative for butter. They are made with partially hydrogenated oils. Being abundant in trans fat margarine can increase cholesterol levels in your body. They are not only bad for your heart but they can also cause the aging process of your skin to accelerate. Instead of using margarine, we can go for other healthier options like olive oil.


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