6 Ways to Treat a Cough

6 Ways to Treat a Cough

Attention: The content in this blog is only intended to be a guideline for people who are in quarantine. This is not a medical recommendation for people who have been diagnosed with any kind of illness.

Are you someone who suffers from frequent cough? Then this is something you have to read. Here are a few easy remedies that will help you against cough.


1. Grape Juice


If your cough is persistent, try drinking grape juice. It can be considered the most effective home remedy when it comes to treating a cough. It tones up your lungs and works as an expectorant. This relieves cough and cold. Mixing a tablespoon of honey in the grape juice will make it more effective.

2. Lemon and Honey


A combination of lemon and honey is also a great way to relieve a cough. Add a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of lemon juice. Drink it whenever you are coughing persistently. This has shown to produce amazing results.

3. Hard Candy


In case you have a piece of hard candy, it can work wonders as well in this situation. Hard candy increases the saliva production in your mouth, which helps soothe your throat and quiet your cough.

4. Cayenne Pepper


If you are a person who prefers spicy food, you will love this remedy. Add cayenne pepper to a glass of water and use it as a gargle. Make sure it reaches the depth of your throat. It acts as a disinfectant and fights the infection away.

5. Ginger Tea


Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a cup of ginger tea will help soothe your throat. If you can get hold of ginger tea bags, you can use them. Otherwise, you can grate fresh ginger to a cup of hot water and let it be for a few minutes. Add a little honey to it, and enjoy the tea.


6. Thyme


This is a very effective solution for cough. Add a teaspoon of dried thyme leaves in a bowl and fill it up with hot water. Let it be for five to ten minutes and then strain the leaves out. Thyme is filled with compounds that relax your throat muscles and stop cough. It has antiseptic properties as well.

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