6 Ways To Help Your Partner During Hard Times

6 Ways To Help Your Partner During Hard Times

Everyone has their own strong and weak moments in life. Having a partner means that they are people who we can count on to stay with and provide support whenever necessary. As partners being there for each other when they are going through a rough patch is more important than being with them through their success.

Here are a few simple ways you can make sure that your partner understands that you are emotionally there for them.




1. Pay attention


Irrespective of how close you are, people do not share all their feelings with you. Pay attention to their everyday routine for any unusual changes. If you see a pattern of significant changes, there might be something wrong and they might be looking for a way out. Your partner might be delighted that you understand them so well.


2.Ask questions


This might get a little tricky. Be sure to ask questions in a helpful manner, once you know something is wrong. Make sure they understand you are all ears if they want to talk about it. But make sure not to pester them. Stay within your boundary and give them their space.




If your partner is ready to answer your questions and feels comfortable sharing the problem with you, make sure to listen to them first. Do not rush to give your opinion or try to provide a solution to their problems in a hurry. Let them finish their story in full, sometimes just voicing out their problems can be half the solution.


4.Offer help


Once you are aware of what is going on do not rush in to help. Make sure only to offer help and wait for your partner’s acceptance. Not everyone is ready to accept help-heal easily. Some might feel that this shows a weakness in their part. Discuss what they might need from you and make sure you are comfortable doing whatever they expect you to do.


5.Provide encouragement


Make sure your partner remembers his actual strength. Situations like this leave a person feeling weak and vulnerable. Remind him how he has dealt with similar situations earlier and has come out of it. Nudge him constantly to play his strengths while staying with him emotionally throughout.




6.Stand united


Make sure your partner understands how important you are to them. Make sure they know you are in for the full ride and will be there by their side whenever they need you.

If you still feel your partner expects more and you are not able to portray your support clearly, there is nothing wrong in getting professional help. Speak to a therapist now.

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