6 Ways to Feel Full Eating Less

6 Ways to Feel Full Eating Less

Overeating can become the reason for several health problems. Staying conscious while you are eating and feeding your stomach only what it wants can help you keep your system healthy. Here are a few prominent techniques which can help you satisfy your stomach without overeating.


1.Eat breakfast


Having a proper and wholesome breakfast can become an essential factor in determining how energetic you are throughout the day. Several studies have shown that eating breakfast on a regular basis can reduce unnecessary snacking throughout the day. Make sure protein becomes an essential part of your breakfast.

2.Drink more water


Keeping your body hydrated throughout the day can work several wonders. It is very healthy to drink a substantial amount of water in an empty stomach. Since your organs do not get properly hydrated while you sleep, drinking a lot of water first thing in the morning helps in hydrating them. Make sure to drink water throughout the day. Try to carry a water bottle from home wherever you go. By doing so you can avoid unnecessary wastage of water. You can also avoid the use of plastic.

3.Fiber and whole grains


If your regular diet comprises of fiber and whole grains it can keep you full for a longer time. Avoid fast food and have the habit of carrying fiber-rich snacks to eat in between meals. This can help you stay healthy and also reduce your consumption of food.

4.Recognize the feeling of hunger


Make it a habit to eat only when you are actually hungry. It might be the time of the day you usually have your lunch but if you are not hungry give it some time and eat only when you feel like it. Do not supplement food as an escape for when you are feeling sad, stressed or bored. Eat when your body needs it, not when you can.

5.Reduce your plate size


Sometimes what you see is what you eat. When you see your plate is full, you automatically get the feeling that you have eaten a lot. Try eating from a smaller plate than usual. You can even try using smaller forks and spoons. When you eat food in a large plate that is not full, you might get the feeling you have eaten less though you have eaten enough.

6.Get rid of snacks and junk food


Having food around and seeing it now and then will create an artificial feeling of hunger. Let it be your office or your workplace make sure you will have to work your way to your food. This will distract your mind away from the food.


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