6 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

6 Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

A heart attack is a complicated situation. At times there could be certain early warning signs that you might have an attack. But this is not always the case at times heart attack can occur without any prior symptoms. Here are a few signs of a heart attack you should be on the lookout for.





Coughing is a result of excessive fluid accumulation in your lungs. If coupled with wheezing, unlike something you have never experienced earlier this can be a warning for an impending stroke. It has to be taken more seriously if the phlegm has minor traces of blood along with it.




Sudden loss of consciousness or dizziness can be a warning sign of heart failure. The same symptoms can be observed for a condition with your heart rhythm called arrhythmia. This is a situation where your heartbeat can become irregular and can start to accelerate without any specific reason. If you feel that you are suffering from such symptoms, it would be better to meet a local physician immediately.


3.Nausea or Lack of Appetite


Continuous nausea or a lack of appetite can be the sign for heart failure. For a short period of time, before a person experiences a stroke, he might experience severe nausea or a sudden uneasiness towards food.


4.Pain in Other Parts of the Body


Rather than experiencing chest pain, you might initially experience pain in other parts of your body like neck, arms or back when you are about to suffer from a stroke.




Continuous sweating following a heavy workout can be considered as something normal. But consider a scenario where you are not carrying out any kind of strenuous physical activity but you start breaking out with heavy sweats. This can be a situation where you need to be cautious. This can be a serious symptom of heart failure.






One of the symptoms of an impending heart attack is the accumulation of extra fluids all over the body. Such collection of extra fluids can undoubtedly precipitate swelling of abdomen, legs, ankles, and feet and reasonably increase your weight. Loss of appetite may also coexist with the symptom.

If you are experiencing two or more of the symptoms all of a sudden you might need medical attention. It is better to reach out to a hospital and get yourself examined.

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