6 Surprising Oral Health Myths Busted

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Most of us do not realize that maintaining a good oral hygiene goes hand in hand with managing your health. But there are several traditional and modern myths surrounding oral health. Some of these myths might not do much damage but there are a lot of them which can cause serious harm.

Listed below are a few of the top myths surrounding oral hygiene.



1. Have a baby, lose a tooth


The fact is that pregnant women oral health can be prone to risk during the time of pregnancy. The hormonal changes that happen can increase the chances of gum disease, infection and tooth decay. This does not necessarily mean that pregnant women are going to lose teeth. A proper oral care routine, healthy diet and routine checkups with a dentist will decrease the risk of dental issues to a great extent.

2. Only sugar causes tooth decay



Frequent consumption of processed sugar increases your chances of tooth decay. This is the result of the sugary food feeding bacteria in your mouth, which creates plaque in your mouth. They also increase the effect of the acid that can wear away the protective covering on your teeth. But such effects are not only restricted to sugar intake. This can even happen if you do not have the practice of brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. Starchy food which is rich in carbohydrates can also result in plaque formation.

3. Diet drinks are better for you


The damages caused by soft drinks is not only the result of the sugar in them. The acidity in soft drinks can also cause damage. Given the time sugar-free carbonated drinks can also cause your enamel to wear off. This might later lead to your tooth sensitivity increasing, cavities or even loss of teeth. Even natural sugar in specific fruit blends can cause similar damage to your teeth. If you are looking for an alternative, there is nothing better than water.

4. White teeth are healthy teeth


Even though white teeth might look healthy, they are not a criteria that your oral hygiene is in good condition. The natural color of your teeth might vary, specifically while we start aging. Milk-white teeth are not an indicator to cancel your next dentist appointment. Cavities, infections and several other oral health problems might creep up irrespective of how white your teeth are.

5. Whitening damages your teeth


As long as it is professionals who are doing it in a dental clinic or you follow your dentist’s instructions to the dot while using a home whitening kit, teeth whitening techniques are considered very safe. Make sure to consult a dentist so that he will be able to give advice about the kit which would suit you. Problems arise when you use a whitening product without proper guidance or ignore your dentist’s suggestions and instructions. Such situations can put your enamel’s health at risk and harm your oral health.

6. Braces are just for kids


Earlier, it was common to spot only children and teens with braces. Nowadays, a large number of adults are getting in action, as more advanced and alternative options are available to take orthodontic treatment without losing their aesthetic reputation. People who missed out the treatment in young days can opt clear braces such as invisalign to correct their malocclusion. It is safe, removable, and gives you comfort.


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