6 Stomach Cancer Warning Signs

6 Stomach Cancer Warning Signs

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. This might not be one of the most common types of cancer but is definitely one of the most dangerous ones. At the earlier stages, stomach cancer does not show any significant symptoms. Stomach cancer symptoms can be easily mistaken for common stomach disorders and ignored.

Similar to other forms of cancer, if detected in an early stage, that is a very high probability of saving the individual’s life. Here are a few common symptoms of stomach cancer we usually ignore.


1.Heartburn or Indigestion


Heartburn and indigestion are the results of excess stomach acids irritating the walls of your stomach and at times, entering your esophagus as well. This causes pain in the area of your chest and abdomen. The pain can get worse after you eat something. This may also result in you burping more than usual.

2.Nausea or Vomiting


If cancer blocks the lower part of your stomach, which usually connects with the intestines, food can get stuck in your stomach and make you feel nauseous or induce vomiting. You might start noticing blood in your vomit, which will be bright red or at times dark brown in color. Bleeding cannot be noticed in all cases and can happen very occasionally.



Continuous bleeding in your stomach can cause your RBC count to go down and lead to anemia. Extreme tiredness for a prolonged duration, pale skin, shortness of breath and dizziness are few of the symptoms of anemia.



When the cancerous growth starts blocking the path to your bile duct, we are at the risk of developing jaundice. This increases the buildup of bilirubin, which forms during the break down of old blood cells. The symptoms of jaundice are usually yellowing of the white part of your eyes and your skin.

5.Poor Appetite


Once cancer starts developing and becomes advanced, it might start occupying a significant volume of space in your stomach. You might suffer from a loss of appetite and start feeling full earlier than usual. Even small meals can make you feel bloated or uncomfortable.

6.Abdominal swelling


During the later stages of development, fluids start accumulating in your abdomen, resulting in swelling and lumpiness.

Such symptoms can usually be a result of minor and common stomach disorders, as well. If you have felt such symptoms once or twice in a long time, it could not be a problem. But in case you are experiencing two or more of these symptoms on a regular basis, you might have to consult a doctor at the earliest.


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