6 Small Things Hurting Your Health

6 Small Things Hurting Your Health

1. Late Bedtimes

Irrespective of the hours of sleep you usually get, it is essential that you sleep at the right time too. Identifying yourself as a night owl might sound cool but with dire consequences. Night owls usually suffer from excess stress and negative thoughts. Please make sure neither your work nor social media disturbs your sleeping pattern, on a regular basis.

2. Lying

You will be amused to know lying causes not only mental stress but also physical distress. If you had lied, you would remember the jolt you felt in your stomach at times; this might be your gastritis kicking in.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine might give you the mood boost you need when required. But whatever said and done it is a stimulant, which should not cross the daily limit of 300 ml. Increased caffeine content in your body elevates blood pressure and interferes with your sleeping pattern as well.

4. Opening Your Inbox

It is the frequency in which you check your inbox and not the number of emails you receive, that created the problem. If not at the office, at least while you’re at your house make it a habit to keep your inbox out of your mind.

5. Noise

It might not look so, but disturbing noise, however loud or soft would affect your mood. At times they are also known to be an added reason for cardiovascular ailments. Stay away from such noise as much as possible and listen to your favorite music, to elevate your mood.

6. Commuting

It might be an awesome feeling to take a long drive occasionally, not so if you have to do it on a daily basis. Find a way to entertain yourself during the ride. Make sure you enjoy the ride, in such a way that you look forward to taking it every day.

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