6 Signs of Malnutrition

6 Signs of Malnutrition


This is a condition where your body is not able to carry out its regular activity properly. This is due to lack of food as a whole or in specific cases, where the food you eat does not contain the proper nutrition required for the human body to function.

From a medical point of view, you are to be suffering from malnutrition if you lose about 5 to 10 percent of your body weight, in a short span of 3 to 6 months(If not something worse) without dieting. Read further for other signs or symptoms of malnutrition.

1. Anemia: A periodical supply of new red-blood cells is required by your body to carry out its mandatory functions. A person suffering from anemia loses the ability to produce new red blood cells. Lack of nutrition is one of the primary reasons that induce anemia. With the quality of red-blood cells depleting it becomes increasingly difficult to distribute oxygen, to your whole body. This triggers weakness & exhaustion.


2. Infection: Malnutrition diminishes the ability of your immune system to combat common bacteria and viruses since it takes a toll on every function of your body. This makes your body vulnerable to all diseases ranging from common cold to dangerous life threatening diseases as well.


3. Mood Swings & Depression: Your brain places the highest bid when it comes to the nutrition distribution in your body. Lack of nutrition reduces your brains function, leading to frequent mood swings or depression at the worst case.


4. Delayed Healing: Due to lack of proper nutrition, your body loses the ability to heal itself both internally and externally. This slows down the process of healing external wounds in your body. Damaged internal healing process also means even common cold and flu will take a longer time to heal.


5. Skin and Hair: Since you are suffering from malnutrition, your body will try and divert all the nutrition it has to the essential aspects of your internal bodily functions. Your skin & your hair will top the list of non-essential aspects for your daily functions. This will lead to excessive damage & dryness of both your skin & your hair.


6. Unpredictability: At times, the effects of malnutrition can become unpredictable and vary for each individual. A particular malnutritions individual may suffer from diarrhea while others suffer from constipation.


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