6 Signs of Emotional Abuse

6 Signs of Emotional Abuse

People who are victims of emotional abuse are usually in some kind of relationship with someone who is unreasonable, irrational and people who cannot be satisfied. We might not realize this but emotional abuse is something that is very common. Most often, victims do not understand that they are going through emotional abuse or are too scared to voice it out and suffer in silence. The abusers are usually impossible to please since they are not unhappy with what you do but they are unhappy with themselves. The target person of the abuser is often someone who is vulnerable or easily emotionally manipulatable.

Please read further to know a few common signs of emotional manipulation.




When your relationship is healthy and loving, there is no space for controlling behavior. When your partner continually tries to dominate you and decides that he has a say in where you can go, what you can wear every single time, it is definitely not a healthy relationship. When you are in a relationship, both of you might not see eye to eye in a lot of things. But this does not mean your partner can take full control and exert his decisions. A healthy relationship is not about perfection. It is rather about making compromises and proper communication.



The abuser in a relationship is usually a very insecure person deep down. They tend to mask their insecurity by belittling and constantly criticizing their partner. The abuser intends to bring down your confidence level. Once you start doubting yourself and your decisions, it is easy for the abuser to exert control over you. The feeling of control the abuser has over you gives them a more secure feeling. Occasional criticisms and exertion of decisions are normal in a relationship. But the problem arises when this happens on a regular basis.



An emotionally abusive partner always tries to turn the tables around and make every situation your fault. They never feel nor take any responsibility for the results of their actions and strategically look into ways where they can blame you for everything that is wrong. They are skilled in emotional manipulation. If ever they apologize, it will only be intended towards them regaining control one way or the other.



It can become very confusing to maintain a relationship with an emotionally abusive partner. There are times they can be loving, charming and kind. This is a manipulative move that makes you doubt yourself regarding the situation. This will start making you long for such happy situations and subconsciously, you will start wanting to please them more. Statistically speaking, the abuser’s behavior tends to worsen over time and does not get better in any way.



Jealousy and possessiveness are an enjoyable part of any relationship if they stay within the limit. But an emotionally abusive person does not realize that there are boundaries of any sort. Their extreme insecurity makes them react to any threat in a negative way. They are extremely snoopy and want to be made aware of everything that is going on and everyone who is there in your life. They can create a situation of paranoia for you, even if you can be the most loyal and loving of all people.



We cannot always control what we say. Sometimes we end up saying the things that we never intend to say in intense situations. But recognition of our mistake and apologizing for them is imperative. But no one deserves to be constantly verbally abused. Emotional manipulators use verbal abuse as a weapon to bring down your confidence level and never regret their actions.


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