6 Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

6 Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

Are you a coffeeholic? Or a tea connoisseur? Or, if your day does not end without energy drinks, sodas, chocolates, or any other caffeinated foods and drinks, this piece of information is worth reading. No doubt coffee and tea are considered healthy beverages, but only in moderation. And if you ask how much is too much, our answer is, it differs. Yes, while you may get high on coffee with just two shots, your friend might be having their fourth cup and still enjoying it. You know that both coffee and tea contain caffeine, but did you know what adverse effects this caffeine could cause to your health when consumed in excess?


1. Sleeplessness


Coffee does help you finish your work and assignments or achieve your targets, but only at the expense of your health. It makes you stay awake the whole day, and you may feel energetic and alert, but its effects continue even at night to disrupt your sleep pattern and quality. You might encounter disturbed sleep and sleepless nights, and you wake up feeling exhausted. This can adversely affect your well-being. Caffeinated drinks until the early afternoon are fine, and not after that.

2. Raised Blood Pressure


If you are a workout freak, you might experience a temporary rise in your blood pressure just after a cup of coffee, tea, or energy drink. Your blood pressure will increase even if you drink coffee or tea after a long time or frequently consume high doses of caffeine. Though this is temporary and your blood pressure becomes normal again, it might increase the risk of permanently elevating it if you are susceptible to heart diseases.

3. Urinary Urgency


Caffeinated foods and drinks irritate your bladder. They stimulate your bladder muscle, increase urine production, and promote the early urge to pee more frequently. If you are finding yourself using your restroom more often, probably the coffee, tea, or the soft drink you are consuming is the culprit.

4. Weakness and Fatigue


Your caffeinated drink and beverage definitely boosts your energy levels and keeps you active throughout the day. But once your body gets rid of all the caffeine you consumed for the day, the counter effects of caffeine take charge, making you feel more weak and weary. This is why we urge you to minimize caffeine intake.

5. Caffeine Dependence


The more caffeine you consume, the more you crave it. Similar to alcohol, even caffeinated beverages cause addiction. Eventually, you cannot remain even a few hours without caffeine; if so, you will experience withdrawal symptoms like agitation, tremors, irritability, etc.

6. Gastric Problems


Too much caffeine can cause heartburn, gas problems, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Consider stopping your caffeinated drink if you experience stomach pain after it. It can also increase your risk of developing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).


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