6 Physical Signs of Stress

6 Physical Signs of Stress

Stress does not only affect your thought process by dominating your mind. You can also feel its presence in your entire body.

Here are a few most common physical signs indicating that your stress is very high.



1. Neck pain


Tension in your muscles is one of the important physical manifestations of stress in your body. This effect tends to concentrate most prominently at the base of your head. If you are a person who takes frequent massages, you might have noticed that your masseuse notices that you have had a stressful week while reaching your neck.

2. Headaches


Increasing stress levels are the most common cause of tension headache, according to experts. Apart from triggering tension headaches, it can also lead to migraines and even worsen an existing headache.

3. Weight gain


Increase stress levels also increase the production of hormones called cortisol and distribute them through your blood. Cortisol not only pushes you to eat more but in the intention that the stress might lead to an emergency situation, it also stores a lot of calories in your body.

4. Insomnia


Stress will make you very worried and will result in you finding it very tough to calm down your mind which is coercing with thoughts. This will result in you not being able to get proper sleep.


5. Getting sick often


Experts have inferred that our immune system can be affected by stress and make our body vulnerable to infections. Research shows that while stress can instantly boost your immune system as a defensive mechanism, in the long term, it is sure to have a negative impact on your immunity. In case you are already sick stress can take a bigger tole on your immunity and prolong the time of recovery.

6. Irregular period


An increase in the secretion of cortisol can interfere with the role of sex hormones which are responsible for regulating the periods in women. When the stress levels are extreme, it can interfere with your ovulation. This is a serious problem but the chances of periods getting affected in women, happen only in severe cases of chronic stress.

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