6 Natural ways to fight hair loss

6 Natural ways to fight hair loss

Hair loss is something more noticeable in men but also affects women. Genetics might play a significant role in this but there are also several other factors that have to be taken into account like under-active thyroid glands, an imbalance in hormones, insufficient blood circulation to your scalp and nutrition deficiency.

Here are a few natural remedies which can help you in the fight against hair fall.




1.Avoid stress


Stress affects your entire system and has a hand in increasing your hair fall too. Constant stress can result in a disproportionate number of hair strands from going into a resting phase simultaneously. This can lead to hair clumps falling off at the same time.


2.Aloe vera for hair


This can do wonders to your hair. Take a hand full of aloe vera gel and massage it well on your head so that it reaches your scalp. Let it stay on and wash with lukewarm water once dried. In combination with wheat germ oil and coconut milk aloe vera can work as a wonderful hair conditioner as well.


3.Get enough fatty acids


Make sure your iron levels are stable. Consume food which is rich in iron content like beans, green leafy vegetables, meat, nuts and lentils. Please consult your doctor or a nutritionist to verify your iron levels and follow their advice.


4.Get enough fatty acids


Getting enough essential fatty acids is very important to maintain your hair. Avocado, fish, flaxseeds and walnuts are rich in fatty acids.


5.Boost biotin


Oats, brown rice and nuts are a rich source of biotin. Biotin can do a lot in encouraging healthy hair and scalp.



6.Rosemary essential oil


Rosemary essential oil is a traditional remedy to increase blood circulation on your scalp. Mix a few drops of the oil to your daily quota of shampoo. You can also mix it with coconut oil and massage it on your scalp regularly to see better results.

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