6 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection

6 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection

Not all antibiotics have to come in packed strips and be purchased in a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription. There are several natural antibiotics freely accessible to all of us, via food.

Here is a list of top natural antibiotics which are easily available.


1.Grapefruit Seed Extract


Referred to as GSE in medical terms, grapefruit seed extract has a lot of antimicrobial compounds in them. They are widely known to prevent the spreading of bacteria and fungi. They are even recommended to be used for bathroom cleaning.



Horseradish is very potent and is known to supply a lot of energy to your body. It can play a key role in defending your body against any potential illness.

They help to promote proper and healthy blood circulation for your body. Once broken down in your stomach, they also have antibiotic properties. Horseradish can be used to treat a wide variety of diseases like kidney stones, bronchitis and UTI. It can be consumed raw or diced up and dressed with a little vinegar.

3.Vitamin C


Most of us are aware of the fact that citric fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is primarily known to strengthen our immune system. This is the reason a cup of orange juice gives you a lot of refreshment when you have a cold. When it comes to prenatal health and skin repair, vitamin C can work wonders. Oranges are the most prominent source of vitamin C. Consider eating a couple of oranges for a few days in a week. Drinking orange juice should also do the trick, but make sure it is 100% organic and natural.




Eucalyptus has rich antiseptic properties when it comes to helping your skin. It is used in teas and also inhaled along with steam to fight cough and cold. It has the properties to kill fungi.

5.Apple-Cider Vinegar


Malic acid forms an important part of apple-cider vinegar, it possesses a lot of antibiotic properties. It helps a lot in fighting against sore throat, by killing the germs which are responsible for the condition.



Ginger is very commonly used in the treatment for cold and flu. They can also act as a remedy for nausea, upset stomach. They are also used in the treatment against muscle and joint pain. Experts fear that consuming too much ginger while you are waiting for your pregnancy can become risky. Hence it is advisable not to consume too much ginger during this time.

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