6 Lifestyle Changes to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

6 Lifestyle Changes to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

There can be several causes of erectile dysfunction. Medical intervention might be necessary in certain situations but it does not need to be the case always. Making specific lifestyle changes can also help you escape the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Here is a list of the top lifestyle changes which will help you recover from erectile dysfunction.


1.Exercising regularly


A proper workout every day is beneficial in keeping your overall health in good shape. It specifically helps overcome erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to every part of your body and keeping your blood pressure at the required level.

2.Eating healthy food


Eating the right food, which is the combination of all the nutrients your body requires helps in keeping you healthy. Healthy food reduces the risk of clogged arteries, heart disease and diabetes, which are important factors that can cause erectile dysfunction.

3.Quitting smoking and drinking


Both drinking and smoking bring significant health risks to your life. Erectile dysfunction is one of them. Quitting smoking and at the least, limiting the consumption of alcohol can help in stopping erectile dysfunction.

4.Reducing stress


Increased levels of stress can get in the way of your sexual performance, ultimately leading to erectile dysfunction. Stress can be a result of several factors, including your working environment, financial situation and troubled relationships. If you feel that these problems are overwhelming, it is never too late to get professional help.

5.Proper sleep


Poor sleep or improper sleeping pattern can cause erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is a hormone that is very important to keep your sexual life healthy. Not getting proper sleep can reduce the production of testosterone.

6.Increased medication


Erectile dysfunction can at times, become the result of too much medication we consume for other health issues in our body. Blood pressure drugs, antidepressants and cholesterol medications are few examples. If you are facing symptoms of erectile dysfunction after you have changed your drugs recently, you will have to discuss this with your doctor.

If you are still facing problems even after following these steps and feel that your problem is beyond lifestyle changes and require medical intervention, please consult a doctor before taking any medication. Self-medication in this case, can create long term problems or worsen the situation.


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