6 Health Risks of Snoring

6 Health Risks of Snoring

While we talk about snoring we mostly consider it as an inconvenience for others but the fact is that snoring can create a lot of health complications for the individual who snores. In case you or any of your loved ones suffer from a snoring problem, it is necessary for you to get familiarised with the effects, health risks and the reason behind snoring.


1. Gasping


These are very common side effects of snoring. Never the less should these be ignored though. Interrupted breathing, choking and gasping for breath can be a result of the disorder sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has additional negative effects on your health other than that caused by snoring. If you feel that you or your partner have any of the above symptoms, it is imperative that you meet a doctor at the earliest.

2. Sleep Disturbances


Sleep apnea and snoring as well can disturb your sleeping pattern to a great extent. It might not always be evident for the individual that snoring is the reason for the disturbance in their sleep cycle and result in them waking up frequently. In specific cases snoring or other sleep disorders might not result in the individual waking up from the sleep but stop them from entering into a state of deep sleep, which is necessary for their body to function normally.

3. Chronic Headaches


If you frequently keep noticing that you wake up with a headache for no apparent reason, this can be one of the side effects of snoring, which is a chronical headache. For some of the people who snore, this can be a result of lack of sleep caused by snoring or even stress. Chronic headaches can also be caused by inconsistent oxygen levels in your bloodstreams and hypertension.

4. Arrhythmias (Irregular heart rhythm)


Snoring can cause side effects, which can become serious health problems at times. Arrhythmia is one such serious side effect. This is a condition where the rhythm of your heart is too slow, too fast or becomes irregular. Arrhythmias can be a common occurrence that might occur on random occasions and cannot be connected to snoring at all times. But a combination of arrhythmias along with snoring, sleep apnea or other such sleep disorders can become dangerous.

5. Stroke


Sometimes the effects of snoring might not be obvious at all and are not connected with the effects. As an example, loud snoring can lead to narrowing of the arteries of your neck known as carotid atherosclerosis. This, in turn, raises the chances of the individual suffering from a stroke. This is one of the most extreme side effects of snoring. Hence the individual needs to get a medical intervention once they are aware of the snoring problem.

6. Mental health issues


The side effects of snoring are not always physical. Constant lack of sleep or disturbances in sleep usually increases the likelihood of the Individual to suffer from depression or anxiety. Hence it might not be much of a surprise that snoring, sleep apnea or similar sleep disorders are linked to mental health disorders. This is still an exploratory concept.


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