6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

Stress! This is something every single one of us is trying to avoid but fail. There are several common practices we follow every day that result in increasing the levels of stress, of which we are not aware of. Read further to know the six common habits of highly strenuous people.



1. Constantly vent

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

It might be a good idea to sit down with a friend and share your problems or even look for suggestions but not always. Constantly ranting about your issues to others can make them feel you are a negative person. It also never lets you get your mood high and always keeps you in a state of depression. Do not drag out your problems longer than necessary. Learn to deal with them in the best possible way and accept the consequences. 


2. Obsess over things they can’t change

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

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Never get stuck in the past. Let it be positive or negative, learn to accept what has been done and move on. It is always better to learn from the mistakes you have done and try to do things better next time. Constant dwelling on negative results is a means to no end.


3. Get overwhelmed easily

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

There are several situations where you feel the tasks at hand are too overwhelming. It is necessary to remember that you will get more work done only by dealing with the task and not by spending time dealing with the stress associated with it. Multitasking is not always an option and can lead to a disaster at times. Take one task at a time and give your full attention to get best results. 


4. Overload their schedules

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

Always understand your limits and try to get maximum productivity based on your working capacity. Trying to handle more task than what you can, might lead to you not fulfilling your requirements for any task. Make plans in such a way that you have time to handle existing tasks in the way required, also leaving room for emergencies. Having an end to end schedule can result in you biting off more than what you can realistically deal with.


5. Procrastinate

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

Procrastination might sound cool while you are handling minor tasks at a younger age. But it is always better to understand the level of responsibility you are being given and work accordingly. Try to complete the task with some extra time at hand leaving a cushion for last-minute changes or add-ons.


6. Try to do everything on their own

6 Habits That Cause Stress and How to Avoid Them

Trying to have your hand in every deal might be a right way of showing responsibility. But this might at times land too much on your plate and lead to a delay in the overall operation. Accept the fact that you need help and learn the benefits of delegation. Who knows, the task you delegated might even turn out in a way better than what you might have expected to achieve.

It is never too late to get professional help, speak with the specialist and get tips for stress free life


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