6 Habits That Affect Your Looks

6 Habits That Affect Your Looks

A lot of things can have a bad effect on your skin if you aren’t careful. Some of them are… 


Water acts as a carrier for the essential nutrients in your body. Lack of water causes damage to your skin due to dryness.


Your body combats stress by releasing a hormone called Cortisol. However, this hormone has a number of side effects, including fat retention & lower cell regeneration. This is not good for your skin.

LACK OF PROPER SLEEP: Good sleep helps in maintaining good looks. Lack of sleep accelerates the ageing process and also causes other health issues.

CRASH DIETING: Crash dieting slows down your metabolism rapidly and in turn, affect your looks. Switch to alternative nutritious food rather than starvation diet.

EXPOSURE TO UV RAYS: Exposure to UV rays for a long time cause your skin cells to age rapidly and causes wrinkles in your face. Use sunscreen on a regular basis to protect yourself.

SMOKING: Smoking has several side effects. Smoking causes rapid skin darkening and reduces the blood flow to your skin.

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