6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating Raw

We are all in the habit of consuming certain foods in their raw natural form. While this might not always be bad for our health, there are certain situations where we end up losing a few of the benefits we might gain if we cooked them.


6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating Raw

Read further to have a look at the few foods that top the list.

 1. Asparagus

It is not specifically harmful to eat uncooked asparagus. But cooking helps you enhance it and lets your body absorb its cancer-fighting nutrients much easily. Merely steaming the vegetable and adding a little olive oil and lemon juice dressing would do.


6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating Raw


2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are traditionally known to be eaten raw in several ways. Cooked tomatoes have a high lycopene saturation when compared to uncooked tomatoes. Lycopenes are the best-known cancer-fighting agents. So it is better if at least 50% of the tomatoes you eat are cooked.


6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating Raw


3. Brussels sprouts

Raw Brussels sprouts are known to cause gastric issues and bloating in your stomach. Roasting it with olive oil and a little salt will make it easier to digest while also adding a nice flavor to the food.


4. Eggs

Most of us take only cooked or fried eggs. But a few of us are used to consume raw eggs separately or use egg yolks as dressing for certain dishes. Raw egg can contain different forms of bacteria including salmonella which can cause health concerns.


5. Mushrooms

Certain mushrooms can be eaten raw. But if done so, we are not entirely utilizing its potassium-rich content. Cooked mushrooms are very versatile and go well with your favorite food including pasta and pizza.


6. Spinach

While cooked spinach comes with an increased nourishment of magnesium, calcium and iron, green spinach goes well with your salad, and wilted spinach can be added to pasta and your breakfast omelet.


6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating Raw


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