6 Foods That Can Help Fight Acne

6 Foods That Can Help Fight Acne

Acne has become one of the common skin problems we face today. Severe acne can even affect the confidence we have upon our selves. While the cause of acne is different for each of us, your diet can be a common cause in whatever situation. Here are a few foods that will help you in the fight against acne.


1.Brown rice

Brown rice is a vital source of antioxidants, proteins, minerals and vitamin B. The vitamin B in brown rice regulates the hormones in your body and stops the breakouts in the upper layer of your skin. The antioxidants help in calming your skin tone and slowing down the aging process.



Garlic plays a significant role in fighting inflammation. It is a combination of several natural chemicals including allicin. Allicin helps in the fight against bacteria and viruses which damage the surface of your skin. This is a key ingredient in the fight against acne.




Broccoli is one of most natural skin cleansers. It is a rich combination of vitamin A, B complex, C, E and K. They help in clearing the damage in the upper layer of your skin and help in keeping your skin illuminated.



Acne can be the result of a deficiency in minerals such as selenium and zinc. Nuts are a natural combination of calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, selenium and Iron. These minerals are very essential to maintain healthy skin.



5.Alfalfa sprouts

This is something that looks very similar to grass. But it is an excellent package of nutrients which help in cleansing your skin. It is also full of live enzymes that help fight against inflammation.



Fennel is a root vegetable which tastes like licorice. Fennel is a wonderful skin cleanser. It helps in your digestion process and reduces water retention hence flushing out the excess toxins from your body and keeping your skin clean.


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