6 Foods that can cause gas

6 Foods that can cause gas

All of us suffer from gas or bloating occasionally. While it is natural for our body to get rid of excessive air that is usually stuck in our gut by passing gas, it can become embarrassing for all of us when it happens in front of others.

Here is a list of top foods which can cause bloating and gas.




Along with other legumes such as lentils and peas, beans can also result in excessive gas formation in your gut. The composition of beans contains a lot of raffinose, which is a complex sugar. Our digestive system can have trouble breaking down raffinose. Apart from this, beans also have a lot of fiber in them. This can increase gas formation in your gut as well.

2.Wheat and whole grains


Other than rice all whole grains, including wheat have large quantities of fiber and raffinose. Hence consuming them in excess can also result in severe bloating and gas.



Being carbonated beverages, sodas have excessive quantities of gas in them. People often consume sodas in an attempt to relieve any pressure build-up in our stomach. In rare cases, the gas can get trapped in our stomach resulting in our guts getting bloated.


4.Fatty foods


Consuming food products rich in fat can slow down your digestion process. Hence your stomach has to put in extra effort to digest such food. During this process, gas can get trapped in your gut.



Beers are carbonated beverages which are manufactured through the fermentation of several types of grains. The process of fermentation can create a lot of gas. Since it is followed by a carbonation process, beers can become very gassy and cause bloating in your gut.



Onion is a very common ingredient used all over the world in different cuisines. Onions are consumed both in cooked and raw form as well. Onions are rich in fructose, which are broken down by your intestines during digestion. The breakdown of fructose can create a gas formation.

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