6 Essential Sex Tips For Diabetes

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Control sugar levels: Glycemia levels are a priority factor when it comes to complications in sexual health. Consult a dietician and follow a strict diet plan specific to your diabetes tolerance level. Monitor your sugar levels on a real-time basis and follow a workout session. Periodical checkups and alterations in medicine & lifestyle, based upon the results are a must.



Check sugar levels before having sex: The major trouble with treating diabetes is the fluctuation in the blood glucose levels. The fluctuation becomes more erratic during sex. Low blood sugar can get you tired during sex. While high blood sugar causes erectile dysfunction in men, it also causes less arousal in women. Checking your sugar levels before sex can give you a little piece of mind and avoid awkward situations.



Develop intimacy: Setting your mood right is very important before sex. Never try to neglect your romantic needs. Your bond with your partner is essential to set up your mind before sex. Intimate conversations, cuddling or taking long romantic walks should do the trick.


Acknowledge depression & Its impact on sex: It is common for diabetic patients to suffer from depression. Depression always takes a toll out of your sexual health. Sex requires the right synergy between your body and mind. Depression affects this synergy and can cause poor arousal in both men and women. Find a good therapist and understand how to deal with your depression whenever necessary.


Discuss your problem with your partner: This is a situation that affects the lives of not one but two parties simultaneously. It is imperative that you discuss the situation with your partner and look for a solution together. This is an issue which you cannot overcome without your partner’s help.


Call your Doctor: Accept the fact that you need help. Do not hesitate to call your doctor and get your problems rectified. The sooner you start working to solve your problems, the better the results would be.


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