6 COVID Tips Doctors Want You to Follow

6 COVID Tips Doctors Want You to Follow

Though people are getting vaccinated against the deadly Coronavirus, the number of positive COVID cases and deaths are still high. And, there is still no sufficient data about how long we are protected against this virus after getting vaccinated. The risk of infection in fully vaccinated people is still not known. So health experts are requesting us to follow certain guidelines regardless of being vaccinated. Here are a few COVID tips recommended by health experts.


1) Wear Two Masks


Health experts recommend wearing two masks to stay protected against this SARS-CoV-2 virus. Wearing a mask is just not to protect yourself. It also helps to protect the people who are in close contact with you. Even if you are asymptomatic, you can still be a carrier of the infection. So double masking is highly recommended to break the chain of transmission. The right way to wear two masks is first wearing a surgical mask and then a cloth mask on top.

2) Limit Exposure


It is not possible to identify people infected with the virus until they show any symptoms or get tested. There are many asymptomatic COVID patients who are still carriers of infection. To limit the exposure, avoid going out unnecessarily, get all your necessities in hand, pre-stock all your prescribed and required medicines for a while longer, and avoid having visitors or strangers so that you can protect yourself from getting exposed.

3) Travel With Care


Try to avoid traveling by public transport. And if you travel by public transport, make sure you disinfect the seating area and the handles with moist tissues (preferably disinfectant wipes) before and after using it. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching these surfaces. Carry an alcohol-based sanitizer whenever you travel.

4) Be Aware of the Variants


There are new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreading and creating alarms all over the world. The rapid spread of these variants has pushed us to know more about the virus, which will help us protect against the virus. Avoid visiting places where new variants have been identified.

5) Do Get Vaccinated


The COVID-19 vaccines have undergone multiple clinical trials to ensure safety. Hence all the currently available COVID-19 vaccines are authorized by health experts and national authorities. So do not wait for a particular brand of vaccine. Get vaccinated with the available vaccine.

6) Protect Your Children


Doctors recommend children above the age of 2 years wear a mask to protect themselves from this virus, as most often, children infected with the virus are asymptomatic.

With limited information about this deadly virus and vaccines, all that we can do to protect ourselves is by following these guidelines with caution.


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