6 Cancer Warnings Ignored Often

6 Cancer Warnings Ignored Often

Six Cancer Warning Signs That Are Often Ignored. If you’re experiencing any of these, play it safe and get checked out.


Cough & hoarseness are minor health issues, solved using your closet medicine. But if persisting for more than a week, it could be something serious. Continued cough or hoarseness are the primary symptoms of lung cancer.


Depending upon the type of skin, people are prone to have bumps or lumps here and there occasionally. If you feel that these bumps are slightly out of the ordinary, it is better to get yourself checked out.


Your bathroom habits may vary depending upon your daily food habits. But what you should be looking for is long-term irregularity or blood while passing stool. Meet your physician immediately if so.


When you are over forty, it is okay to feel pain here and there occasionally. But if you are experiencing constant unexplained pain in a certain area, this might be dangerous.


Unexpected continuous weight loss is a bad sign, in whatsoever case. There could be something wrong with your thyroid levels or in the worst case, be a symptom of cancer.


This is another symptom that is easily related to flu and ignored. If lasting longer than usual, it could be a sign of throat cancer.

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