5 Worst Things You Can Order in a Restaurant

5 Worst Things You Can Order in a Restaurant

Most of the restaurants are known to have a specific specialty. These are dishes which they are known to cook really well and are very famous among customers. There is also a list of dishes we do not order in restaurants with specific cuisine. But the fact is that there is also a list of dishes you should never order from any restaurant. There are several health reasons hidden behind avoiding such foods.


1.Tap Water


Bottled water might be a little more expensive but it is better to opt for that. Since tap water which is left to sit in the room temperature for a long time becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Even if the water you are being served comes to you from the tap directly, there is no assurance as to how clean the pipes or the storage tanks are.

2.Free Bar Snacks


These are common servings which are offered to everyone who has visited the bar since it opened that day. We can never be sure at to how many of them even washed their hands or cleaned it with a tissue before touching it.

3.Large Fries


We are usually of the mindset that one order of large fries is not going to make much of a difference. But the fact is that an order of large fries has 788 more calories while compared to small fries. Apart from this, they also carry an extra serving of saturated unhealthy fat. They have a higher calorie count while compared to a loaf of white bread.


4.Fried Rice with Vegetables


It is common for us to assume that anything with a lot of vegetables is healthy. It is not always the case. Especially when you are looking at a veg fried rice, which can become very unhealthy. It is always better to go with steamed vegetable and brown rice if available. Make it a point to ask for side sauces to add to the flavor.



It is better to skip the free bread, which is offered along with soups. A lot of chefs have secretly admitted to reusing bread, which seems to be untouched to serve it to another table. Since it is exposed to room temperature for a long time, it tends to become stale and unhealthy.

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