5 Ways to Motivate an Inactive Child

5 Ways to Motivate an Inactive Child



Find what they love: This might take some time but make sure to find what the child is interested in. Once you have pinpointed the child’s interests, find ways to use it as a motivation to keep them active.


Give real rewards: Promise rewards for good and active behavior and make sure you keep your promise. Let the reward be a healthy family building activity which the kid loves. This will make the child happy that he is being recognized and will make him more active in anticipation of further rewards.


Lead by example: Children are known to emulate the parent’s behavior. Make sure you set a good example. Start making healthy life choices and treat your day the same way you want your child to treat it. Make sure he is around people from whom you want him to learn something.


Don’t use exercise as punishment: Make higher level of physical activity a way of life rather than a punishment. This will by default make the kid more open to the ideas of fitness rather than considering that as something that requires extra effort. 



Talk to a child psychiatrist: This might look like an extreme step. A psychiatrist can not only help you make the child understand how important physical activity is but also help you find better ways to motivate the kids based on their individual mentality.

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