5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health

5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health

The state of a person’s mind, where he feels that the comfort provided by the social circle he maintains is either very minimal or not up to his expectation, can be coined as loneliness. In the long term, this does something that creating temporary damage to a person’s mood alone. Here are a few instances where loneliness creates an impact on your health as well.


5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health

1.Poor Quality Sleep

Poor Quality Sleep

Even though they are able to spend a lot of time in bed, people who are lonely tend to get very little sleep. The feeling of loneliness will keep pushing them to bed to give them some comfort even though they don’t feel tired. This will lead to the person having disturbed and poor quality sleep, though having been in bed for a long time. This will deprive them of their energy throughout their day.


5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health

2.Low Sexual Drive

Loneliness may Lead to Low Sexual Drive

Loneliness can cause your libido levels to go down. This might lead you to have very little interest in sex or a romantic relationship. This is the result of the constant feeling of stress and overburden.



Increased Risk of Dementia

The feeling of loneliness in people increases the chances of them suffering from dementia while compared to others. Though these effects might not be immediate, the chances of them suffering from dementia in their later life increase significantly.


5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health

4.Heart Disease

Heart Disease

A number of researches and studies show that people who are lonely have an increased chance of suffering from heart disease at some point in their life. Middle-aged adults both male and female who do not have a proper social support are at a higher risk of suffering from a stroke.


5.Weakened Immune System

Lonely people are prone to suffer from frequent health problems while compared to social people. Loneliness reduces the resistance in your body by making negative changes to your immune system and exposing your system to health issues.

 5 Ways Loneliness Can Harm Your Health 


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