5 Tips to Overcome The Fear of Being Judged

5 Tips to Overcome The Fear of Being Judged

The dream of every showman is to satisfy the entire audience. But this is not a possibility. Trying to do that will only end up in you continually judging your actions to make them better.

Here are a few techniques you can remember to stop yourself from being judgemental towards yourself.



1. Conscious Decisions

Stay conscious and well informed while you are processing information, to make decisions. Make sure your thought process is always focused upon an equation where you are satisfied too. Always positively push your thoughts and take decisions that do not hurt anyone (including you) intentionally.


2. Positive Focus

Always focus upon the upside of whatever has happened. Negativity is bound to be around, but never let it get in the way of your thought process. There is always a ray of positivity wherever you might be in your life. Whenever you speak, make sure you have something positive to express. It is better to stay silent rather than being a negative person.


3. Avoid Stereotyping

Do not be judgemental and avoid assuming anything with the little information you might have. Before you conclude, make sure you have considered all the factors involved and you are well informed. Every situation and individual is unique.



4. Accept the Consequences

Being constantly judgemental towards yourself will result in you taking the same approach towards others too. Whenever things do not turn out the way you want them to go, it does not mean it is wrong. Every action has both positive and negative consequences irrespective of how you feel about it. Your only option is to be satisfied with your decision and be ready to face the consequences whenever they come.


5. Don’t Be So Serious

No one notices everything you do. Sometimes your failures might have even gone unnoticed by everyone else except you. This does not mean you should not take your failures seriously. Just make sure you learn your lessons and move on. Your failure must never reflect upon your character and your success should define it.



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