5 Tips to Help Prevent Oral Cancer

5 Tips to Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is characterized as a cancerous growth located close to the oral cavity. This is a type of head and neck cancer. Similar to other types of cancer oral cancer can also lead to fatal consequences if not detected at an early stage.

Following these steps will help you in preventing oral cancer or at the least help you detect at an early stage.

1.Brush your teeth


Brush your teeth twice every day. An unhealthy mouth is not only dangerous for your teeth but can also damage your entire immune system.



2.Avoid smoking


Tobacco is one of the worst enemies for your immune system. Not only smoking but chewing tobacco as well can lead to cancer. Passive smoking is as dangerous when it comes to cancer risk.


3. Avoid alcohol


It would be very good for your health if you could avoid alcohol as a whole. If not possible at least make sure to drink alcohol in moderated quantities. You might be an occasional drinker but that does not mean you can have more than a couple of drinks at a time.



4.Healthy cooking


How you cook is more important than what you cook when you are looking at cancer prevention. Boiling, steaming or baking your food is much healthier than frying or grilling it. It is very healthy to use curry powder, ginger, garlic and other healthy herbs to your food. It also adds additional flavor.


5. Exercise regularly


A healthy and fit body will help you maintain an active lifestyle. Having control over your body will help your immune system work better.

Visit your dentist regularly, at least once in 6 months. Have your dentist check your mouth for any abnormalities including signs of cancer.


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