5 Tips to Get Rid of Childhood Obesity

5 Tips to Get Rid of Childhood Obesity

Chubby cheeks might suit well for the nursery rhyme, but as far as children are concerned, especially in this fast-food world, it is something that needs a check. Yes, obesity can pose several health problems in your child. Is your child obese? Or are you concerned that your child might become one in the future? Do not worry. Read the below simple tricks that can keep your child away from obesity.

1) Healthy Snacking


Snacking is one inseparable habit of children. Children do not always crunch on snacks to treat their hunger. They use some good excuses to get their favorite food on the table. As a parent, you can be even more tricky by replacing their ice creams or a bag of chips with a fruit or vegetable. But remember, not always. You can give them their favorite fried snack once in a while.

2) Healthier Alternative

You might have seen clean tiffin boxes when you give them a certain food. But unfortunately, most of the time, these are fast food, which can be contributing to their obesity. Worried? We have a tip for you. Search for healthier alternatives to your child’s most-liked dishes. Give zucchini or whole-wheat noodles a try instead of the regular ones. In this way, you can give your child what they want without any guilt.

3) Control Portion Sizes

Most parents do not have a concern for the portion of food, as they have for the type of food. Being mindful of the portions is not only for grown-ups. Children who tend to eat a lot have more chances of getting obese. Teaching your child about portion sizes can make them conscious about their health. Inculcate portion controls in your child so that they carry it on all through their life.

4) Keep Away Gadgets

The changes that electronic gizmos have brought into a child’s life are enormous! Yes, electronic gadgets have made children more advanced. But does it bring all good? It is definitely a big no! Sadly, it is only harmful in most cases. The cliche ‘stay active like a child’ is no longer reality. Children have become more like couch potatoes with too much access to electronic gadgets. Do you give devices to your child just to get some free time? If so, you are spoiling your child. The WHO recommends keeping gadgets away from children as much as possible, at least before the candles blown on their birthday become two.

5) Practice Regular Exercises

Children of previous generations liked to spend their time outdoors, but it is totally reversed in today’s world. Sticking onto their couches and binge-watching televisions and electronic devices have made their lifestyle more sedentary. Therefore, make it a habit to go for a walk or do regular exercise for at least 30 minutes a day with your child.


Yes, childrens’ habits have changed a lot. But are the children only to be blamed? No, we also play a big part in their habitual transformations. Children are more like clay, and they take up good habits when imposed. So, as a parent, you should try to follow the advice you want your child to take up. Be one and make your child be the same!

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