5 Tips to Control Daytime Sleepiness

5 Tips to Control Daytime Sleepiness

Turning into a sleepyhead? It is pretty natural for your body to tickle sleep before bedtime. But if you are sluggish throughout the day, it needs some control. Yes, some medical conditions can cause it, but mostly, excessive daytime sleepiness results from inadequate sleep. Before you earn yourself a nickname or lose your fruitful hours, follow the below tips, maintain your sleep cycle, and get a hold of your productive daytime.


1) Maintain Consistent Sleep-Wake Cycle


Almost none of us would have cared about when we sleep in and wake up. If asked, ‘How many hours of sleep do you have?’ Expecting a varied answer from each person is fine but getting different hours for every day from one individual is what makes the concern. Failure to maintain a steady sleep schedule is an important cause of your daytime lethargy. To stay active, make it a habit to sleep and wake at a specific time, be it a weekday or a weekend.

2) Get a Ray of Sunshine


What is more effective to boost your circadian rhythm than sunlight? Yes, more than the morning coffee, which you believe makes you fresh, a few minutes of morning sunlight can do wonders. By doing so, you stay active and effortlessly get your dose of Vitamin D. What are you still waiting for? Wake up, go out, and freshen yourself in the sun.

3) Shake Your Body


Exercising has numerous benefits to the list, and one among them is its ability to keep daytime sleepiness at stake. Yes, having at least 30 minutes of exercise can increase your wakefulness by raising your core body temperature. One activity with multiple benefits to the body and brain, and are you still neglecting it? Come on! Get on track, work out, and drop out of your sluggishness.

4) Change Boring Tasks


Yet another factor that can make you sleepy is the kind of work. Your ideal work nature is to be blamed for all the yawning you do during the work hours. Get yourself a job that requires more concentration and can keep you more engaged. No, we do not mean you should shift jobs at once. It is just an option you can opt for; else, carry on with your current work but try and uplift your mood by listening to some music while working.

5) Avoid Gadgets


Do you go to bed gadget-free? It is an obvious ‘No.’ Rightly so, gadgets have taken away your sleep time too. Most people can never sleep before they scroll through their social media. Medically speaking, the blue light from the gadgets disturbs the production of melatonin, which is responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, keep your mobile phones away from bed to lessen your daytime sleepiness.

We never forget to charge our phones after a low-battery beep. When a worldly thing concerns you this much, how essential and concerning is it to care about your body’s signal of deprived sleep? Fight your daytime sleepiness with good and perfectly maintained sleep hygiene.

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