5 Tips for Managing Food Allergies

5 Tips for Managing Food Allergies

Food allergies can become very frustrating to deal with. A reaction to food allergy by your immune system can range from some minor inconvenience to something literally life-threatening. As of now, there is no potential medical cure for food allergies. All we can do is be vigilant towards not having specific foods you are allergic to and act fast if something you have had by mistake triggers an allergic reaction.

Here are a few tips that would help you carry out a normal lifestyle and help you manage a routine without fear.


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Read food labels thoroughly. Make sure you know your allergies. Look specifically for possible ingredients you are allergic to. Don’t be lethargic, though you might purchase certain food products regularly make it a point to read the label specifically every time. The food composition might change from time to time and based upon new changes the manufacturers do.




While cooking for an allergic person (let it be you are someone else) you might be aware of what the person is allergic to and not use that specific ingredient. But we cannot always be sure that cross-contamination does not happen. It is better to have a specific set of cooking and serving utensils for the allergic person alone. This might seem like a simple issue but can lead to serious consequences at the snap of a finger.


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If you are an allergic person and heading to a restaurant, it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with the manager or even the chef if possible. Make sure to inform them not to use ingredients you are allergic to in any form. Let them know that it would be preferable to cook your order in separately sterilized utensils for safety. They will definitely listen to you, a person suffering from anaphylactic shock at the middle of their dining area is not something any restaurant would prefer.




Though you might take a lot of precautions something is bound to go wrong at some point. For such situations carry a copy of the details of allergy you are suffering from and list of steps a third person might have to take in case of an emergency. Make sure the document is accessible during such a situation.




If you have been prescribed emergency medication, make sure to at least have a couple of doses available with you all the time. It is better to sort out the issue at the early stage and prevent complications.


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