5 Things Everyone Should Know About Farmed Fish

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Farmed Fish

We have been constantly reminded of the benefits of cold water fish like salmon and sardines for a very long time now. But that is not the entire story. Since the intervention of the farmed fish industry, a lot has changed.

Read further to have a look at the dangers of consuming farmed fish on a regular basis.






Unlike naturally grown fish which has a lot of omega-3 in them, farmed fish is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 helps in fighting inflammation, omega-6 has higher chances of producing inflammation in your body. Inflammation is one of the triggering factors for several medical issues including diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease, arthritis and even Alzheimer’s.




Being raised in a crowded condition, farmed fish are prone to infection. To prevent this, they are routinely treated with antibiotics. This raises the concern of residual antibiotics remaining in the flesh when we consume them. Exposing the fish to antibiotics on a regular basis also raises the issue of the bacteria becoming more stronger than the antibiotics we trust to combat such serious infections.




3.Less Protein


The level of protein in farmed fish is around 20% lesser than the protein composition of regular fish.



4.Cancer-causing PCBs


The composition of cancer-causing PCBs are 16 times higher in farmed salmons than in regular salmons. The composition of dioxin is also 11 times higher than what it is actually in regular fish.




Studies say that around 25 to 70 percent of farmed fish are mislabeled as a different breed of fish or a different source of acquisition. This might mean you are getting farmed varieties of fish even without knowing it. Statistics show 56% of farmed salmon are being labeled as regular salmon.


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