5 Steps to a Healthy Routine for Women

5 Steps to a Healthy Routine for Women

iCliniq wishes all the incredible women out there, not just today but every day, a very happy Women’s Day! Women often overlook self-care and spend most of the time selflessly loving and caring for their families and loved ones. This, unfortunately, results in women feeling dissociated and at risk for depression and other mental and physical ailments.

Have your household chores and 9 to 5 jobs stolen ‘me-time,’ shattering all your health and fitness goals? On International Women’s Day, today’s is the best time to kick start a healthy routine. Take a quick look.

1) A Healthy Diet


‘What you eat is what you are!’ This is not a new saying, and you would have recited it plenty of times to your children. But if asked, do you take it upon you? You would nod a ‘No’ without any further thought. To keep yourself in good health:

1. Take a nutritious and balanced diet.
2. Take a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, pulses, lean meats, grains, eggs, fish, and dairy products.
3. Avoid foods that contain saturated and trans fats like biscuits, cakes, and other pastries.

2) Regular Exercises


Despite a positive edge towards cardiac diseases, these are becoming more common in women due to strenuous work and unhealthy dietary habits. Are you justifying your neglect towards exercises for your heavy workload? If so, remember, the exercises you do only matter. Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day and prevent heart diseases and obesity.

3) Drink Enough Water


Do you keep track of the water you drink? Water is an essential component of your body, and experts recommend drinking at least three liters of water daily. Think water might make you bloat? But actually, water boosts your metabolism and aids in weight loss. Your question is, “With all the work line-ups, how will I remember to drink water?” Agreed! You can set a reminder every hour to drink a glass of water.

4) Adequate Sleep


It has been your daily routine to go to bed last while waking up before everyone else does. Even then, you should find time to keep your eyes shut for at least eight hours a day at night. Does it seem impossible? You can make it through by trying and finishing your chores a bit quickly.


5) Mental Health Care


Have you spoken about your feelings with your partner? The hectic work-family schedule impacts both your mental and physical health. At times, physical illness pops out, but mental health takes a long time to showcase. However, you might have already been too exhausted mentally when it does so. Talk with your partner about your feelings, and take the needed breaks periodically.

When was the last time you got a lovely soothing spa in a salon or had a day’s rest? Maybe a long time back. Taking care of your family is significant, but not at the expense of losing your self-care. Although simple, the above routines can do wonders in your overall health.


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