5 Side Effects of Sitting All Day

5 Side Effects of Sitting All Day

In this age of technology, sitting has become the most convenient position that all of us work in today. We spend at least 10 hours on an average working in front of a desktop and sitting throughout the day. This kind of lifestyle gives very little space to do any kind of physical activity.

This definitely takes a toll on your body. Listed further are a few of the side-effects of sitting for a long time.


5 Side Effects of Sitting All Day

1. Slower metabolism


Sitting throughout the day decreases the rate at which your muscles move and slows down your metabolism. This increases the fat accumulation in your body and reduces the effect of insulin.


2. Compromised posture


Sitting changes the position of your pelvis and this puts a pressure on your lumbar disks. To compensate for the weight transfer your head is automatically pushed forward and your shoulder starts to curve, changing the natural skeletal structure.


3. Obesity


With your energy expenditure reducing and your metabolism getting slow, your body starts accumulating the calories that you take and converts it into fat. In the long run, this will cause your weight to increase drastically leading to obesity.


5 Side Effects of Sitting All Day

4. Diabetes


The constant state of rest you are in throughout the day reduces sensitivity your blood has towards your hormonal insulin. This, in turn, increases your blood sugar level on a regular basis making you more prone to diabetes.


5. Rheumatic disorders


Your constant sitting posture results in severe pressure to your joints. Osteoporosis and other rheumatic disorders and are a result of such constant pressure to your joints.


5 Side Effects of Sitting All Day

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