5 Scary Truths About Chicken

5 Scary Truths About Chicken


Chicken meat is what we usually turn to for a food which has a high source of protein.

This is true in case of naturally bred chicken but not factory farmed chickens. This meat might look tasty but does not have any of the fiber or protein content that natural chicken meat is known for.

1. Factory Farmed Means Not Good: Most of us are not aware of the fact that this breed of poultry that is widely available is farmed in factories. Naturally raised chicken weighs one kilogram at the most. But these factory farmed chicken weighs around three to four kilograms. These chicken are bred in the intention of increasing the meat quantity, stripping their quality in the process.


2. Extreme Contamination Risk: These artificially hatched chicken do not have the health that a natural chicken would have. Their pens have such unhealthy living conditions which lead them to be carriers of bacteria and viruses.

3. Reduction of Antibodies: These chicken are bred to hatch early and attain maturity at a very faster rate. They lack the primary antibodies a farm grown chicken is rich in. Their meat is of no use to the human immunity system.


4. High Risk of Breast and Prostate Cancer: Their feed is rich in arsenic which helps them gain flesh and increases their weight. Increased consumption of this chicken causes breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. They might also lead to several other neurological problems.

5. Weight Gain: Fitness freaks usually turn towards chicken when they are looking for a food rich in protein. The fact is these chicken might look healthy but their fiber content is so low that it will do them no good. Increased consumption of such chicken will only result in fat gain, rather than muscle gain.



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