5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give A Child A Smartphone

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give A Child A Smartphone

Technology has made our lives much easier and has given us a way to make our lives much more efficient. The fact remains that technology comes with its drawbacks. It is a parent’s duty to decide how to use technology to make their kid a better person in life and where his exposure to technology should be limited. Smartphones have begun to make a huge impact on our lives. In recent times kids have started to own mobile devices. It is time that we take up the issue seriously.





Children are always going through an educational phase where they are learning things from their everyday life. The needs to understand that building good relationships with people is key in their life. We might feel that smartphones make this easier but the lack of face to face interactions might create problems in the choice they make later.




They tend to spend a lot of time using their mobile phones since it seems to keep them always excited with something new every day. But what happens is; these devices tend to limit their creative skills and has an impact on their motor and optical sensory development.





Taking smartphones to your beds significantly reduce sleep time and affect the kid’s circadian rhythm. This can result in the kid suffering from constant fatigue during the day. Children need to get ample sleeping time for their age, only then their brain will have had proper rest and be ready for the following day. A smartphone creates several hindrances in this area.





Smartphones have an impact on the physical development of your kid as well. Using smartphones for an extended time means that the kid remains in the same place for several hours without a lot of movement. This is one of the reasons for obesity developing in kids at an early age.




Smartphones hinder the overall brain development of the kid. Smartphones regularly engage the child with something new every day causing the children to get addicted to it. This can make the children captive to the phones even after they become adults.



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