5 Positive Resolutions for a Happy New Year

5 Positive Resolutions for a Happy New Year

Every time the new year arrives, we make up our minds to take up a resolution and change something in our life. But this does not work out all the time. The reason could be that we keep focusing on what could go wrong. This new year try giving your resolutions a positive twist.

Keep your focus on what all you could gain from following your resolution and think on the positive side of things.



Be Honest and Respectful


Look forward to becoming an honest person this new year. Dishonesty can always bring negativity. Being honest in a positive way can be tricky. But it can still lead to the best of outcomes. If you are going to be honest about a person make sure you are honest to their face.


Be a positive role model


Look into becoming a positive person and learn to look into the good from everyone and everything. Be a person who others would look like to take up as a role model. Point out the good things in others. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge their contributions. Speak to others in the same way you would like others to speak with you. But do not follow the same for negative people and try to ignore them.


Avoid Assumptions


Never assume the means or an end to any situation. Take your time to assess the situation, about what is really happening by asking the right questions before presenting your argument or giving your judgement. If you make the fault of presenting your judgement or taking up an argument without making a proper assessment of the situation it could create dire consequences. Rushing through is never the option to solve a problem. Always take up the time to resolve the issue thoroughly.


Give and Receive Self Acknowledgement


Always look for a way to acknowledge yourself for your achievements. Look forward to congratulating others whenever possible. Your wishes do not always have to be exuberant. A genuine tap in the back can take your relationship with the person a long way.




Surround yourself with Positivity


Make up your mind to be in a positive surrounding. Positive people are ones who can help you and make you look at the good in your life. They can make any situation cheerful and destroy the negativity in the situation. Being with them for a few minutes can lift your mood and help you make good decisions. Let us say you have a bad day imagine the possibility of meeting such people at least during the end of your day. This will subdue all the stress you were in and let you get a good night sleep forgetting everything.



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