5 Myths About Aging

5 Myths About Aging

There are several stigmas and myths that have spun around the concept of aging. Most of these myths revolve around the idea that they will not be able to take an active part in how society works.

Read further to know a few of the most common myths and the actual truth behind such myths.




Myth: You start losing your sense of taste as you grow older.
Truth: Normally, people lose their sense of taste as they grow old. But this is something that happens very gradually over a lifetime and is not as intense. Studies have shown that the taste sensitivity of people varies by birth. Around 25% of our population are known to be supertasters who have a greater sense of taste. Another 25% of the people are known to be low tasters with a very less sense of taste. The rest 50% of the population are known as medium tasters with a regular sense of taste.



Myth: When your age goes up your libido starts decreasing
Truth: Decrease in libido and impotence are the result of medical conditions like heart disease, increase in blood pressure, depression and diabetes, which are usually preventable. These medical conditions can be easily prevented by simply following a healthy lifestyle and being in shape. Minor but regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can avoid such situations and keep your libido intact.



Myth: You start losing your memories as you age.
Truth: Diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia can become a reason for people to start losing their memory. Studies state that only about 6 to 8 percent of people who are above the age of 65 are usually diagnosed with dementia.



Myth: People start suffering from genetic health conditions once they start growing old.
Truth: The fact that genetics has a significant role to play when it comes to an individual’s health cannot be wholly disagreed upon. But the health and wellness of a person depends upon several factors of which genetics has only a small part to play. The right food, proper exercise and enough rest contribute more towards a person’s health.



Myth: Growing old, people start becoming less adventurous.
Truth: There are a significant number of older people who have waited for their entire lives to retire and then taken up traveling to make life more adventurous. Being adventurous is just a state of mind. It totally depends upon the individual needs and taste of the individual.


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