5 Life Skills for Your Child’s Success

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


The valuable lessons you teach your child play a crucial role in their prosperous future. Just like how a sponge takes up water, children pick up skills taught to them. Life lessons learned during childhood lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Do not wait for them to become teens and start inculcating the skills very early in their lives. Look through the blog and jumpstart your lessons.



1) Time Management


Never can we stop our clocks from ticking. Everyone wishes to make the most out of the available time. But do we teach the importance of time to young kids? No. Teach your children how to check time, do tasks within a specific time, and follow a schedule. These will make them masters of time management, thereby helping them sculpt their future in a better way.

2) Decision-Making


Our destiny is determined by the decisions we make. At some point in life, every individual faces a situation to make a courageous decision. In such cases, a sense of good decision-making is essential. This should start with small choices like choosing the dress color or flavor of ice cream. Instilling these skills at a very early age in your child is needed to make them good decision-makers in their adult life.


3) Focus


Increased screen time has shattered the focusing ability in many children. Do say ‘no’ to your child when they ask for excess screen time, even if they complain. Practice screen-free time and indulge them in activities that can increase their focusing capacity. By this, they can become more aspiring when they turn adults.

4) Self-Control


Do remember your child follows you and not your advice. Therefore, do not expect your child to have self-control when you have problems with it. Initially, you start practicing self-control and then try to induce that in your child. Teach your child about ways to control anger, like taking deep breaths, stepping down from situations that cause anger, or screaming into a pillow. This, in turn, can enhance their interpersonal skills.

5) Flexibility


Doing everything your child asks for just to avoid temper tantrums helps for the time being. But, it will make your child more adamant. Teach your child to be spontaneous, flexible, and act according to the situation. They should be taught to take hold of situations that do not appear the way they want them to be. Only then can they face an unplanned situation in life later.

Teach your child these life skills, and do not hesitate to say “no” to things you feel are not good for their well-being. Do not forecast a future for your child; instead, mold your child in such a way they shape a better future of their own.


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