5 Healthy Christmas Super-foods

5 Healthy Christmas Super-foods

Christmas is the time for a lot of food, a lot of drinks and a lot of fun. Just because it is the festive season it does not mean that you have to gulp down anything and everything that is on the table. Wise food choices can take your health a long way. Read more to find out your healthy food options this Christmas.




1. Turkey


This is mostly the centerpiece of every awesome Christmas dinner. Additionally, turkey also has the benefit of being one of the healthy feasts. It is rich in lean protein and has much less fat than chicken. This helps you maintain your skin and hair in good condition. Being a food rich in protein, it can get you full much sooner. A good serving of turkey will help you keep your unnecessary hunger pangs at bay till your next meal.


2. Nuts


Nuts are normally considered to have a high fat composition. But this is monounsaturated fat which is very good for your heart. Studies say that consuming unsalted nuts in small quantities on a regular basis can reduce the risk of heart disease by at least 15%.

* Almonds are specifically rich in vitamin E ,which can make your skin look younger.
* Brazils are said to have anti-aging properties, considering it is rich in the mineral selenium.
* Walnuts are a rich source of omega-3 fats in addition to biotin, copper and manganese. They can reduce the risk of cancer and keep your brain and heart healthy.




3. Brussels sprouts


Brussel sprouts are extremely healthy. They do a much better job in protecting your eyes that carrot. They are also rich in the two nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin which are very effective in the fight against macular degeneration. They are also filled with natural cancer-fighting chemicals.


4. Satsumas


Satsumas can be a very healthy and filling snack. This is a citrus fruit hence it by nature has low calories and is also filled with vitamin C. This is very good for your immune system and helps in fending off cold and flu. Vitamin C also supports the production of collagen which helps in maintaining a smooth skin and keeps you looking younger.


5. Cheese


Though high in fat cheese is one of the best sources of calcium. Hence consuming cheese can prevent the onset of osteoporosis in a later point of time. Calcium is believed to have the ability to speed up the fat burning process and hence helping you lose weight much faster.



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