5 Foods You Should Never Reheat in the Microwave

5 Foods You Should Never Reheat in the Microwave

The microwave is an accidental invention in the 1940s. But little did they know it would become an important kitchen appliance of our household soon. While this appliance is very useful for minimal cooling and reheating, there are certain foods that should not get into a microwave in any situation.


1. Boiled eggs


In case boiled eggs are microwaved, they will not withstand the pressure caused by the steam build up from the water molecules. This is because eggs have a membrane and shell. This might result in the eggs exploding in the microwave, on your plate or even in your mouth.

2. Carrots


Carrots can be cooked and heated in a microwave. The issue raises when the carrots are not peeled and washed properly. Since carrots grow underground, they can have residues of dirt and minerals. While hit by a microwave, these minerals might spark. This situation is called microwave arching. If this happens regularly, this can seriously damage the microwave.

3. Processed meat


Processed food, by default, are not very nutritious. They have a high amount of additives, salt, preservatives and chemicals. Adding microwave to this combination can increase the cholesterol content in them, resulting in heart problems. It would be better to choose a grill or stove to heat your ham and meat rather than a microwave.

4. Chilli peppers


Any kind of chilli pepper, especially the ones rich in capsaicin, can become highly inflammable. While capsaicin gets exposed to the microwave’s electromagnetic waves, they begin to create smoke and catch fire as well. This can cause irritation even on the surface of your skin while you come in contact with it.

5. Tomatoes


Similar to eggs, it is not a good idea to heat tomatoes in the microwave as well. Tomatoes have high watery content. The pressure built up while heating these can cause bubbling and even explosion of the tomatoes.


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