5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

5 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Here are 5 foods and drinks that might dim your beautiful smile :)


1. Tea and Your Teeth:

All types of tea are known to be healthy for a variety of reasons. The unknown fact is that they are not very friendly with your teeth. Black tea regularly consumed stains your teeth. Some varieties of tea are known to wear off your teeth’s enamel.  

2. Wine and White Teeth:

Any food that stains white cloth can also stain your teeth. Red wine is a typical example.  

3. Sauces and Stains:

Dark colored sauces bring taste to your tongue and stain to your teeth. Brush your mouth or at lease rinse it after eating.  

4. Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks are acidic in nature and erode your enamel if consumed regularly.  

5. Candy and Sweets:

Any candy sweet or chewing gum that changes your tongue’s color can stain your teeth. It is not a problem if consumed occasionally.


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