5 Foods That Help Fight Stress

5 Foods That Help Fight Stress

There is the concept of stress eating and there is the concept of eating food to reduce stress. Both these situations will result in you putting on unnecessary weight. Here are a few foods which can help you in the fight against stress. Since stress and weight gain travel together, these foods can help you reduce weight as well.




Oatmeal is a very important serotonin supplement. The complex carbs in oatmeals will help in soothing your mood. If you are not very fond of oatmeal you can try overnight oatmeal instead. Preparing breakfast the previous night can help you manage your stress level in the morning.



Being an essential source of antioxidants, it is imperative that blueberries become a part of your diet. They help in the production of dopamine which plays a vital role in the process of fighting stress. Not to mention they are delicious too. They can be eaten as whole fruit, topped on yogurt or strained and added to oatmeal. Try the freeze-dried blueberries as an on the go snack.



Seeds are very versatile and can become very helpful if you are looking to bust stress. Chia seeds and flax seeds have a high concentration of omega-3. They can work as wonderful toppers for yogurt, salads and soups.



This is a usual fall back for most of us who go through a lot of stress, every day. Apart from regular tea, you can also look at variants like green tea, black tea and chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and its effects. Drinking an average of 5 cups of green tea in a day can reduce stress by 20% says a Chinese study. You can always go for decaf if you are looking cut out on caffeine.


5.Leafy Greens


Leafy green vegetables have a variety of positive effects on your body. They have a lot of vitamins and folate in them helping in the production of dopamine and serotonin. There are other foods with high folate content which include citrus fruits, garbanzo beans and asparagus.

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