5 Foods That Are Bad for Teeth

5 Foods That Are Bad for Teeth

You might have checked the beauty of your smile in a mirror at least once. Behind every beautiful smile of yours, there are teeth. But have you ever thought, what should you do to make it last long? Scroll down and know about foods that can damage your teeth in the long run.

1. Carbonated Drinks


Teeth are not an exception for the ill effects caused by carbonated drinks. Yes, do not be surprised if I say the sodas you take, thinking it to be digestion-promoting drinks, can give you bad teeth. Drinking sodas can make your mouth dry and also cause stains. Replace your carbonated drink with a healthy alternative like water or tender coconut water. Do remember not to brush your teeth soon after your drink. Because by doing so, you will only speed up the process.

2. Sugary Foods


You might have thought dental advertisements that show individuals shouting in pain after taking a sweet is a mere exaggeration. But conversely, this holds true. Yes, just like you have been told ever since childhood, sweets and candies cause tooth decay. They stick to the teeth, creating a medium for the bacteria to grow, releasing acids, which break the tooth structure and cause dental caries. Avoid taking sugary foods or limit their intake. Having a sweet tooth and finding it difficult to do so? At least clean your teeth after every sugary food you take.

3. Starchy Foods


Wondering what is actually starch and why does it cause tooth decay? Starch is a simple carbohydrate that quickly breaks down into sugars. Sugars, as you rightly remember, cause tooth decay. Bread, pasta, and potatoes are foods that contain starch. After taking these foods, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Otherwise, switch to tooth-friendly alternatives like milk, yogurt, or other dairy products that contain calcium.

4. Crunchy Foods


Movie nights are always incomplete without a large-size popcorn or a bag of chips. Likewise, using toothpicks after taking these crunchy foods cannot be spared. Yes, crunchy foods stick to the cusps of teeth or between teeth. As a result, bacteria can build on this and cause tooth decay. Avoid eating crunchy foods. Or, brush your teeth after taking them.


5. Pickles


Quite surprising to see pickles in this list? Although pickles do not contain sugar content as such, vinegar used in the pickles can cause harm to the teeth. Vinegar is an acid that damages the tooth structure. Obsessed with pickles? Try stopping its intake. Moderate consumption is, however, fine.

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