5 Flat Belly Food Swaps

5 Flat Belly Food Swaps

Getting a flat belly can become a tricky task. It needs several lifestyle modifications with a lot of inclusions rather than deletions. One of the oldest tricks in the book is swapping certain unhealthy food products with much healthier options.

Here are a few prominent swaps that can improve your health.


1) Say bye-bye to fizzy drinks


What keeps us addicted to fizzy drinks are their taste and the false notion that they help in digestion. Fizzy drinks are highly carbonated and can add fat to your belly. Swapping these drinks with organic green tea and fresh fruit juices can help you keep unnecessary calories away and lets you stay healthy.

2) Cut the salt


Too much salt in your food can lead to water retention in your food since salt attracts water by nature. Too much water retention leads to puffiness in your belly. This can be avoided by choosing alternative flavorings for your food like cayenne pepper. Once you start implementing this you will notice changes soon.

3) Ditch raw vegetables


Vegetables should have a huge space in the everyday composition of your diet. But the way in which you consume them will have different effects on your body. When you are looking to lose weight eating raw vegetables might come in the way since your body might face difficulty in breaking them down. Hence it is better for you to choose the option of steamed vegetables since they reduce the extra stress that goes to your gastrointestinal tract.

4) Chuck the carbs


The human muscles by nature store glycogen (a type of carbohydrate) in your body. These carbohydrates in storage are consumed only when your body goes through some sort of extreme physical activity apart from your regular schedule. By reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, you can make your body substitute its carbohydrate requirement by using these up. Hence swap all meals after lunch with food containing a low carbohydrate value.

5) Avoid the gum


Some of us might feel the need to keep our mouth busy all day by chewing something. They usually end up choosing the option of flavored gum, which brings in unnecessary sugar content to your body and is not healthy in any way. Swap gum with dry fruits like almonds, which will help you lose weight and supply your body with the necessary nutrients.


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