5 Drinks that Can Lead to Bad Breath

5 Drinks that Can Lead to Bad Breath

Bad breath is the kind of problem which at times we might not even know we suffer from. This can be as embarrassing as it is unhealthy. Apart from onions and garlic, there are a few other drinks which you consume on a regular basis that are the culprits. Here are a few of the drinks that can cause bad breath.


5 Drinks can lead to bad breath



We know alcohol makes your breath bad for the next few hours once you consume it. But what most of us do not know is that it can have a lasting effect as well. Studies show that people who consume alcohol on a regular basis have higher chances of suffering from bad breath even if they take the proper counter measures. This is due to the higher concentration of bacteria because of alcohol intake. Your body is also known to trigger acid refluxes as a result of alcohol intake, causing bad breath.




This favorite drink of yours might have several benefits but it also comes with a package of drawbacks as well. Bad breath is one of the most noticeable drawbacks of drinking coffee. The high sulfur content in your coffee plays a part in making your breath stink.




Here is another reason for you to quit carbonated drinks. The acidic content (that makes your drink fizzy) in the carbonated drinks you consume is one of the reasons that trigger bad breath. Once you consume the drinks that remaining acidic content that is mixed in your saliva dries out in your mouth and causes bacteria infestation. Bacteria infestation is a primary reason for bad breath.




Bad breath is a minor side effect of this very healthy drink. The acidic content in the juice leads to your mouth drying up in turn leading to bad breath.




This could come as a bit of a shock but it is the truth. Not only milk, but all dairy products can cause bad breath. This is a result of the hydrogen sulfide present in dairy products. The excess hydrogen sulfide present in your mouth triggers bad breath.



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